About Annie-Rose Pearson

I've been painting animals since I can remember. Having moved from London to Oxfordshire aged 8 I finally got the chance to ride and I was hooked! Over the years I've had a go at most equestrian sports including eventing, point-to-pointing and hunting - I'd struggle to pick which is my favourite! I also love being outdoors, skiing and country sports. All these things have given me the inspiration to paint- I love to try and capture the moment and movement of my subjects. I trained at Liverpool University as  a veterinary surgeon and more recently as a veterinary chiropractor which I think has helped my anatomy! Since setting up my own business last year I have fortunately had much more time for painting and have experimented a lot more with different styles and mediums. I still love painting a portrait, but I'm really enjoying the challenge of painting a great big sporting landscape- shooting, stalking and racing in particular! My early work was mostly in pastel and pencil but I now prefer working in acrylic. It gives me greater freedom with strokes and colours and I love the textures you can get on the canvas.